Get Active in NCAFC Women!

Get involved with NCAFC Women! We want to build a big and vibrant student women’s campaign with supporters and activists across the country. We’ll be updating this page very soon with details of NCAFC Women groups who are active near you – for now contact to be put in touch.

* Build links between the women’s group and anti-cuts groups on campus, or set up a women’s group within the anti-cuts group.

* Build links with women workers at your school, college or university — students and workers, unite and fight!

* Develop the Charter for Women in Education — we want the charter to reflect the ideas and experiences of as many women as possible. Organise a meeting of your women’s group to discuss the draft charter (see below) and send your ideas to or spark discussion on the blog.

* Invite us to visit you! We have women’s committee and NCAFC Women members all over the UK so why not invite one of us to your women’s group to discuss the situation facing women in education, how we can build NCAFC Women, the charter, and organising our fightback?

* Get involved in NUS Women’s Campaign — NCAFC Women want to build a left wing in NUS Women’s Campaign to transform NUS Women’s Campaign into the democratic, fighting, class struggle feminist campaign that student women need. This years’ conference was a good start – electing Kelley Temple as Women’s Officer and a number of left-wing, anti-cuts activists to Women’s Committee but we need to fight to build a movement that can support them. (Full a report of NUS Women’s Conference 2012.)

More ideas for action coming soon – if you have ideas help us to update this page. Post below or get in touch at


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