Moratorium on sex worker arrests during the Olympics – join the campaign!

The Olympics will cause more than just congestion on the transport system and hiked up rents this summer.
Sex worker led co-operative x:talk and its supporters are calling for a moratorium on arrests of sex workers in London with immediate effect until the end of the Olympic Games. Read more about why and how important this campaign is here… Continue reading


Support Kelley Temple for NUS Women’s Officer – Build a serious left in NUS Women’s Campaign as part of a fighting student women’s movement

NCAFC Women are supporting Kelley Temple in the elections for NUS National Women’s Officer at this week’s NUS Women’s Conference (13-15 March, Leeds). Kelley Temple is not part of the NCAFC, but we are supporting her because we think her election can be a step in building the fighting student women’s movement we are working towards. As part of this, and in order to realise that potential, we are seeking to build a serious, organised left-wing with NUS Women’s Campaign.
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NUS Women’s Officer elections: Kelley Temple speaks to NCAFC Women about cuts, free education and the left in NUS

Kelley Temple is standing against incumbent Estelle Hart for NUS Women’s Officer. NCAFC Women wrote to Kelley, as the more left-wing of the two candidates and as the challenger, to ask her some questions about where she stands so we can discuss whether NCAFC Women will support Kelley’s campaign. Here’s what she said… Continue reading