Welcome to the blog of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts Women.

The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts is a group of student and worker education activists across the country that co-ordinates radical direct action against tuition fees, education funding cuts, and broader public sector cuts.

NCAFC Women is a self-organised caucus within NCAFC to increase the involvement and participation of women in the campaign and providing an opportunity to discuss issues in an inclusive, accessible forum and build links with other feminist and women’s anti-cuts groups.

We have an announcements and discussion email list – to be added, or to find out more about NCAFC Women and get more involved, email a member of the NCAFC Women’s Committee at ncafc.women@gmail.com or call 07883 520 852

You can also find us on facebook – on our NCAFC Women page (where we welcome solidarity from people of all genders) or the NCAFC Women group (open to all self-defining women for discussion and organising).

We’re still developing the blog and will try to have lots more information up soon. If you’re interested in helping out please get in touch!


At NCAFC conference in Birmingham (8-9 December 2012) the women’s caucus elected a new women’s committee. The aim of the committee is to to support the activity of women in the NCAFC locally and organise for national activity; facilitate communication and skills sharing between women activists; and promote broader involvement in NCAFC Women and the NCAFC.

  • Esther Townsend, University of East London
  • Thais Yanez, Birkbeck
  • Beth Redmond, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Alice Marshall, Hull University
  • Ella Thorp, Newcastle University
  • Hanna Moy, Aberdeen University
  • Naomi Beecroft, Edinburgh University
  • Alannah Mary Jane Ainslie, Aberdeen University
  • Hona Luisa Cohen-Fuentes, Edinburgh University

For a full report of the conference see here.



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