Vote Claire Locke #1 for NUS President – for a fighting feminist NUS!

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts women’s committee are supporting and voting for Claire Locke for NUS President at national conference on the 24-26th April.Claire has an outstanding record on fighting fees, cuts and privatisation and has been at the heart of the anti-austerity student movement.

Claire is a strong candidate who will fight for free education and oppose the government’s plans to commodify and privatise our education. Not only this, but Claire is a brilliant feminist, and a role model to many women students. Claire is a single mother, yet this doesn’t detract from her job at London Metropolitan University, her degree and her dedication as an activist. The government’s cuts are especially damaging to women, and no women feel the brutality of the cuts more than mothers. It is because of her experiences in life that we think she would make an outstanding president.

She would ensure that accessibility wasn’t tokenstically put on the agenda. London Metropolitan is a perfect example of the kind of universities specifically under attack- those often relied upon by working class and BME students- and Claire will, we have no doubt, transfer her experience there to the job of NUS President, and ensure that NUS protected all of its members.


For a candidate that will:

-fight fees, cuts and privatisation

-support national mobilisation

-organise on a local level

-support liberation (women, BME, LGBTQ and disabled students)

-fight fascism

 Vote Claire Locke #1 for NUS President. 

We will also be supporting Michael Chessum for VP Higher Education and Edward Bauer for VP Welfare.


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